Akuna Hydra Shampoo for Exhausted Hair

Pathcouli extract
Tamarind seed extract

Irritated scalp
Dull & limp hair

Netto 250 ml
Made fresh after order
Lifespan 12 M after manufactured date specified on label.

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An anti-inflammation & soothing shampoo that optimized scalp repaired by decreasing pro-inflammatory factors.
Include reducing scalp irritation and itch caused by  silicone sebum bulking, exfoliating shampoo, fragrance or other harsh ingredients.

Scalp & Hair Types
Sensitive, Dry, Normal, Oily, Combination.
Best for those with dry or irritated skin

What it does
This  is minimal shampoo with strong anti-inflammation & soothing serum features patchouli, and ground-breaking concentrate derived from Tamarind seed . This unique ingredient known for its amazing healing properties is 20% more effective than resveratrol and boasts higher antioxidant levels than green tea. Combined with gentle non sulphate bio surfactant this transformative botanical active not only cleans scalp and hair  more effectively than stronger shampoo, but also alleviates irritations, dandruff, greasy scalp, limp hair,  reduces inflammation, and restores skin’s delicate barrier to strengthens hair roots. 

How to use
Apply enough shampoo on your wet hair. Easily massage your scalp. Rinse thoroughly.
Continue with conditioner if needed.

Full Ingredient List
Patchouli Hydrosol,  Patchouli extract, Honey,  Tamarind seed extract.
Bio natural surfactant : Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate, Coco Glucoside & Glyceril Oleate dan Coco Betaine.

You may add herbs or oil as you like.

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